Laura San Giacomo hasn't completely escaped from damsel in distress scenes in her movie and television career. She has one scene under her bra, er, belt, from the movie "Quigley Down Under." But it's not much of a scene. Actually, that's being far too kind. It's a LOUSY scene for a woman of San Giacomo's pulchritude. She's tied hand and foot in back of a moving wagon, but she's dressed in a fuddy "frontier woman" dress that covers her from clavicle to ankle and which obscures every line of her body.

This is a real shame. because Laura's got an incredible rack, and I'm pretty sure it's all natural, because instead of showing it off, she hides it. (If she'd purchased it, it stands to reason that she would want to show it off.) She's accepted a few roles where the puppies are on display, though never completely on display. She's always got at least a bra on, probably so they won't sag down to her navel.

I personally am not bothered by the prospects of San Giacomo's breasts sagging down to her navel, because I have a solution for her -- a rope bra! I say, let's get Laura out there in some good 'ol Japanese bondage with a rope bra and her hands tied behind her back parallel to one another and some rope around her upper arms so she can't slip out of the wrist ropes. Which means she'd have no choice but to thrust those bulging ta-tas of hers against the straining bonds of the rope bra.

But the rope bra would hold those breasts of Laura's up, despite the enormous pressures straining against them, relieving Laura's obvous concern along those lines, and giving us an unforgettable image of luxuriously womanly body parts bulging in rope bondage.

Really, no need to thank me. Doing good really is its own.

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