This truly is an oddball scenerio which must be spoken about. I'll attempt to break it down though: A trashy yet trying to be as youthful and beautiful as possible woman is as flat as the floor your feet are resting on, where as the unsexy bookworm has bosoms the size of basketballs. This truly is mind-boggling to say the least.

Moving on to another theory as to why Laura is as busty as she is can maybe be attributed to her pregnancy. You see, Laura gave birth to a child sometime in 1996, prior to her starring role in "Just Shoot Me" which began in the spring of 1997. Based on the size of her chest during that first, well actually second season of "Just Shoot Me" (the first season consisted of pilot episodes), her chest was about the same size they had been throughout her career. I really can't attribute their growth to pregancy, because then the side effects would have kicked in during that time which they obviously did not. I know what I can attribute their largeness to though; bras, or lack thereof...

Unquestionably the biggest factor in Laura's notoriously gigantic chest size can be attributed to her own carelessness more than anything else, her lack of sporting brassieres on a regular basis, or at least ones that supported the amount of girth packed into her chest over the years. It's quite obvious that a small-chested girls can get away with wearing a bra more often than a woman with pretty large breasts such as Laura San Giacomo. Unfortunately for her, Laura's carelessness finally caught up with her, and beyond the point where she can really do anything about it besides not making it any worse than it already is. Laura likes to be comfortable and I don't think she wore many good bras that gave her the support she needs or perhaps even no bra sometimes in earlier years. Gravity caught up with her and so thus you see her in the saggy state that she is.


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